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random nonsense

– Quite looking forward to Children of Men on the fifth.  That’s the best reviewed sci-fi film in years.

– There have been PS3s at the Target up the street for nearly a full week now.  Meanwhile, I haven’t so much as seen a Wii.  I wonder which system is more coveted…  Eat it, Sony.

– turns out the computer center will be closed until the 15th, so I can’t drop off my employment paperwork until the day before school starts.  That’s annoying.

– Been trying to read J.G. Ballard’s “The Crystal World” lately.  Is it just me, or does everybody’s mind wander in the first chapter or two of that book?  It’s good, but it’s really difficult to pay attention to.

– The season one boxed set of “Twin Peaks” apparently went out of print and is selling for upwards of $100.  Funny how people will neglect to buy something for years and then are immediately willing to pay crazy money for it on ebay the day it goes out of print.  For further evidence of this insanity, do a search for the “Fletch” dvd – a cheapie, $10 disc that’s now selling for $70.

– Speaking of insanely overpriced out of print dvds, people list MST3K: The Movie on Amazon’s “used and new” market for over $200 despite the fact that there’s (supposedly) a region free version from Europe, in English, that you can buy for $20.

– I’m supposed to go work out with Kristopher this afternoon.  Everyone pray that I can still walk tomorrow.

– The message board on that “unbreakable sports records” thing is getting stupid.  I’ve seen at least three different things mentioned as “unbreakable” that aren’t even records.  The most recent is a claim that Charles Radbourn pitched every game for his team in 1884 after the other pitcher was fired.  That may be true, but if it is, someone else outdid him.  Radbourn pitched in 75 games, starting 73, while Will White and Pud Galvin both pitched in 76 games, starting 75.  And both of those pitchers did it earlier, so Radbourn didn’t even set a record in his own season.  Not to mention that his team played 112 games that year, so even if the other guy was fired, someone other than Radbourn still pitched forty games, which means there probably wasn’t any sort of ‘streak’ to speak of.  Sports fans aren’t getting any smarter…


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