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I cannot believe that I just read this.

Here is a sentence that actually came out of Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s mouth at Kei Igawa’s introductory press conference:

  • “He’s not Matsuzaka; Matsuzaka is a front-end-of-the-rotation guy.”

You don’t slam an untested pitcher in his own press conference!

Greg Maddux didn’t have overpowering stuff either; that didn’t stop him from being one of the best pitchers of his generation.  In case you’ve forgotten, Igawa was a damn fine pitcher in Japan.

It’s disrespectful to make a comment like this at his own introduction, and there are disturbing racial undertones in the attitude that this comment was appropriate; no one would be so cavalier about the incoming talent of an American born pitcher at his own press conference.

Would it have been so difficult to say, “We’re starting him off at the back of the rotation; we don’t care where the Red Sox position Matsuzaka; time will tell who is the better Major League pitcher”?


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For some reason, probably simply an over-active mind, I was unable to sleep much at all last night.  I believe I slept for two hours between seven and nine a.m.

So I’ve kept myself busy, over the last 24 hours, on a Webster Edgerly research binge of epic proportions, as it’s the only thing that keeps me from being painfully aware of how tired I am.

I’ve fleshed out my knowledge of his personal life more completely in the last 24 hours than I had managed to accomplish in the last two years.

– He was apparently quite the hound for the young ladies.  As I said before, he married Ella Glines when she was 18; Edgerly was 24.  He married his second wife, Edna Boyts, when she was 17; Edgerly was 39.  Methinks we’d have a bit of a problem with that nowadays; the times they have a-changed.

– His obsession with oratory and ‘mental control’ apparently started at an early age, as he was a founding member of The Everett Debating Society in Massachusetts when he graduated from high school.  Much like Edgerly’s pupils later at the Martyn College, they would give a yearly ‘public entertainment.’

– Janet Six’s article in the May/June 2004 article of Archaeology Magazine may well have rescued this man from obscurity.  (Though, of course, I can’t know that for sure – post hoc ergo propter hoc.)  Ms. Six apparently continued to do an archaeological study of the grounds of Ralston Heights; I have no idea if she left her work in any sort of ‘finished’ form, but I have tracked her to the University of Maui, and have a possible email address to contact her.  There was also, in a 2003 newsletter from NYU, a documentary filmmaker by the name of Brooke Nixon who was supposedly working on a documentary on Edgerly and Ralstonism called “Personal Magnetism.”  I have no idea how much research she did, or if the project is dead in the water.  There are also many little mentions of Edgerly scattered around the internet; a small following of independent ‘researchers’ has sprung up around the man.  However, my own work is far more complete, and far more intently focused, than anything else I can track down…

Still.  It would be interesting to ‘compare notes’ with some of these people.

I’m so deep into researching this man’s life, at this point, that it’s almost like personal family history.  I find myself wishing I could look at old pictures and put faces with the names…or perhaps flip through a diary.

It’s an odd feeling, actually, to be attached to 150 year old strangers (who have now been dead for longer than they lived) in ways that you’re not even attached to your own blood relatives.  There are people in my immediate family that I don’t know this well.

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