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Now You Die

 Is it just me, or should the phrase “(Now you die!!)” appear directly beneath the “Imperial Austrian Infantry Band” line?

Weak Men

Well it’s about damn time.  My weak organs caused my emissions to elevate a full two months ago.  (And let me tell you what, when my emissions elevate you’d better stand well clear…and maybe grow a thick beard…)  I was beginning to think that my nervous debility was a sign that my Manhood was permanently lost…  Mr. G.B. Wright, send me my Instant Relief cream right away.

And now, though it is a perfectly sensible little ad…my favorite…because I am childish:


From now on, I’m going to follow every single sentence with “it’s better than lard.”

Come on, everybody!  Join in.  What do you have to lose?  After all, it’s better than lard.


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For Keith


I tried to find a video on youtube but, not surprisingly, there aren’t any.  There are far too many photos of Britney Spears in the world to worry about uploading the Murph just now.  So this card will have to do.


On another note, this article is really quite lovely.  Though I’m usually not down with either Jim Caple or ESPNs “Page 2,” and I really don’t like people assuming steroid use so as to write an apologia, he writes a hell of an eloquent tirade.

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The IMDB just ran this little piece in its news page for the day.

Sacha Baron Cohen defended himself against criticisms that people were duped into making controversial comments in his film.  His first defense was that the camera’s were not hidden.  The better one, however, is this:

  • “I don’t buy the argument that, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t have acted so racist or anti-Semitic if I’d known this film was being shown in America.’ That’s no excuse.”


‘Anonymity’ does not justify bad behavior.  Rather, people’s false hopes about anonymity is a tool we use to get past their defensive barriers to see what lies beneath.

Bravo Sacha.

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