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slightly disappointed

A new David Usher album, “Strange Birds,” is to be released in March.

There are two songs streaming at his site, “The Music” and “Brilliant,” but neither one really does much for me.

Virtually all of his post-Moist work is somewhat middling.  A few songs are brilliant, and the rest is just background music.  Neither of these two songs fits in the ‘brilliant’ category, though one of them is close.

I’m not overly fond of the rambling ‘diary entry’ lyrical style of “Brilliant,” though it would be fine if the chorus were good.  Unfortunately, the chorus is just the same old sugary positivity that he’s always done – it’s bland, and a little too ‘romance-novel’ish for me.  It’s nothing I’m interested in listening to particularly.

“The Music” is quite a bit better.  Musically, it reminds me quite strongly of something from Moist’s “Creature” album, but I’m not sure which song.  I like this one quite a bit, but I’m not so sure about the choruses.  “Counting the cars on the freeway below / Lost in the music / All the foolishness of our lives.”  On the one hand, that’s a nice little metaphor.  On the other, it grates in the same way that Metallica’s “Fuel” always did; it’s just damn silly.  I think I can forgive the silly lyrics because I like the song well enough as a whole, but neither this song nor the other is the one that would sell me on the album.


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