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My continual desire to do scholarly work in areas untouched by human hands has resulted in the creation of about 50 different ideas for my Historiography paper, very few of which seem even slightly achievable.

  1. The Chaplin footnote thing.
  2. Aleksandr Ptushko and the creation either of “New Gulliver” or his “Bratishkin” shorts (none of which are available in English)
  3. The bastardizing of three Ptushko fairy tale films for American release during the cold war (this one is at least reasonable…)
  4. The creation of “Ævintyri Jons og Gvendar” (The Adventures of Jon and Gvendur), the only fiction film made in the silent era entirely by Icelanders.  It was a short from 1923.
  5. The creation of “Milli Fjalls og Fjoru” (Between Mountain and Shore), the first feature length fiction film made entirely by Icelanders.  A color and sound film from 1948.  (Just to be clear, neither of these are likely to be available either…)
  6. Attempting to track down any impact that Webster Edgerly’s acting school may have had on film acting.  The answer is probably none…

That’s enough examples.

I make things really difficult for myself.

Anybody have any aspect of film history that they’re interested in?  I could use somebody else’s ideas right about now…


On a tangential note:

This is cool.


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