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Well, the bad karma that remained unclaimed even after the computer catastrophe (which is still ongoing).

I have apparently decimated the bus-driving industry.  Three days in a row now I’ve had a driver who, quite literally, can’t drive.  The first two never touched the gas pedal.  And when I say ‘never,’ I mean NEVER.  They idled at five miles per hour the entire trip.

Tonight I had a female driver who was apparently trying to teach herself how to use said gas pedal.  All I can say is, she’s clearly never heard the phrase “gentle pressure.”  We jerked our way all the way home…  That is, we jerked our way home during those infrequent moments of actual motion.  She paused for at least two minutes at three of the stops.

A bus driver, a bus driver…my kingdom for a bus driver.


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I found Satan

I’ve been wondering where he’s been hiding.

Turns out he’s been making “Registry Cleaner” trial software.

What kind of evil human being would make a program that detects millions of errors for you and then refuses to fix more than ten of them until you’ve paid them money?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a registry cleaner that doesn’t charge me money?

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The computer had an apparently unprovoked meltdown on Saturday.  The internet is working in my building again, so that’s a positive, but I’ve still got an anonymous “Preparing to Install” box that pops up constantly and freezes the entire machine for a minute or so.  If it would just tell me what the fuck it was trying to install, perhaps I could fix it.  But I get the feeling that this is going to demand a complete hard drive wipe…

That does not make me happy.

Meanwhile, I have a lot on my mind from last night.  Though I can’t say any more about that right now.

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So I booked my flight to California about a week ago or so.

Over the course of this week I’ve received about 300 emails saying that my flight info had been changed and to please call and check in with them.

So I call.  Every single flight has been changed.  All the times are different.  I wouldn’t care that much, except for the fact that the last one on the list has been moved so far that my hour and a half layover has been reduced to 18 minutes.  I don’t feel safe with that.

So I tried to talk to an agent, after wading through ten minutes of menus.

And the bitch hung up on me!  I don’t think it was intentional, but even so…

This is ridiculous.  So I guess I’m going to try to track down an email address and ask if they could kindly put that last flight back into a more reasonable position.

Fucking airplanes.

Where’s my bullet train, that’s what I want to know?

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I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time with Lawrence Lessig and the whole copyright debate thing, but I just read this today.  A fabulous study which confirms what should’ve been essentially common sense.

“Using detailed records of transfers of digital music files, we find that file sharing has had no statistically significant effect on purchases of the average album in our sample,” the study reports. “Even our most negative point estimate implies that a one-standard-deviation increase in file sharing reduces an album’s weekly sales by a mere 368 copies, an effect that is too small to be statistically distinguishable from zero.”

You read that correctly – statistically insignificant from zero.  Like the cassette recording wars, internet ‘piracy’ is essentially meaningless.

In fact, the music industry has probably intentionally flushed away more money on copy protection technology than they ever actually lost to the thing they were so incensed about.  Clever boys…

The full article is here.

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A bit of early optimism

So, over the last couple days, I’ve essentially begun ‘dating’ a woman named Jennifer – a PhD candidate in the English department.  (Inverted commas for the fact that our plans keep getting disrupted early: last night the phone conversation was half an hour with three interuptions from nasty static, today the first official hang out only lasted an hour due to a forgotten previous babysitting engagement.  However, we have plans to get together tomorrow afternoon; three days in a row is a pretty solid effort.)

Anyway, I must admit to being quite smitten.  She’s sweet, funny, intelligent, and genuinely happy (which women who are interested in me tend not to be).  And she’s delightfully uncomplicated; she doesn’t leave me with any feeling that I have to try to be someone else.

I have high hopes for this.


On a similar topic, my friend from the department went to lunch with the other woman that I had been so interested in over the past few weeks.

Is it just me or is that a serious breach of friendship?

Not that I begrudge him the desire; she’s a beautiful woman, and after talking to her quite a bit she’s clearly more his speed than mine.  But I can’t help but feel quite strongly disrespected.

Of course, I’ve known for months that when it comes to relationships, he’s not a man that I can trust.  He’s an attractive man, and an attention whore, which is a lethal combination.  So in all honestly I saw this one coming.  But still.  I had hoped for better.

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I got a bit uppity with these guys over the course of the steroid debate (in which they choose blanket condemnation for some reason), but this is a fabulous smack-down.

Gay People = Asparagus

Ladies and gentlemen, Gene Wojciechowski:

Tim Hardaway hates gay people. I hate asparagus. You hate Lindsay Lohan ring tones. This is important why?

I think the difference is that no one ever robbed asparagus, severely beat asparagus, tied asparagus to a fence post and left asparagus to die.

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