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Just for the fun of it, I thought I’d fill this out for season three. (I’m bored this morning.) I’ll also rate the episodes after I’ve seen the finale.

1. Favourite episode: “Human Nature” / “Family of Blood,” obviously

2. Least favourite episode: Depending on the resolution, probably “The Sound of Drums,” though if episode 13 ends moderately well, then I’ll go with the appallingly pointless “Smith and Jones.”

3. Favourite supporting actor (male): The creepy teenager from “Human Nature.” His acting was phenomenal. Pulling out inklings of Turlough, the Brigadier, and many others.

4. Favourite supporting actor (female): Jessica Hynes/Stevenson

5. Least favourite supporting actor: Oh sweet Jesus is this ever John Simm – perhaps the single worst ‘interpretation’ of a major villain in the history of the program; this was high school level acting. Freema Agyeman would be second, though, just for being so pointless.

6. Best line of Doctor dialogue: Can’t remember any right now. I thinkthere was a good one in “Gridlock.”

7. Best line of dialogue (non-Doctor): Probably Captain Jack’s “Can’t I say hello to anyone?”

8. Worst line of dialogue (anyone): “Laser screwdriver…who’d have sonic?”

9. Best scene or sequence: David Tenant as John Smith trying to come to terms with the fact that he must die for the hero to return in “Family of Blood.”

10. Best singular image from series: The Doctor in a field straightening a very creepy scarecrow. “Human Nature.”

11. Funniest moment or dialogue: not sure right now

12. Scariest moment: The rapid-motion statues in Blink were actually pretty good.

13: Saddest moment: See ‘Best Scene’

14. Bit that made the least sense or you wished they’d cut: I’ve heard there’s a real zinger in “Last of the Time Lords,” but for now I’ll say the idea that a Dalek can just absorb a person. They could’ve easily gone “The Fly” route and used a machine to blend DNA…

15. Best special effect: Maybe the age reversal machine in “42.” But machines are easy to get right.

16. Worst special effect: the Macra were pretty weak, though I’m glad they appeared, in “Gridlock.”

17. Favourite director: Charles Palmer (“Human Nature” / “Family of Blood”)

18. Favourite writer: Paul Cornell (the first time anyone’s usurped Steven Moffat).

19. Best and Worst thing the BBC did in relation to this series: Retaining Russell T. Davies as the controlling influence was far and away the worst thing. The best is yet to come. (I’ve read spoilers for episode 13. It’s a casting issue. Actually, two casting issues.)

20. Sum up the last 13 weeks in less than 25 words: An abysmal load of running around nonsense with one three week intermission of glory.

I’ll update the answers after watching the final episode.

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“I’m proud of my meat department.”

– Advertisement for Kroger grocery stores.

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