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Not much in the way of blogging lately.  I’ve been strangely busy since the move into the new place.  I seem to always be either going to work, or shopping for necessities, or doing research, or going to a fourth of July thing, or playing unbelievably strenuous games of badminton all the time.

Oh well.

Nothing much to report on lately.

– the new place is perfectly fine.  It’s taking some time to get into a comfortable routine there – probably because of all the busy-ness – but it’s fine as a home.

– Big city fireworks displays are always nice.  Though Decatur put their’s in a pretty stupid spot – between two tall buildings so that it was only half visible to about a quarter of the people in attendance.  But it’s nice to see lots of explosions.  One question though…why do people always bring babies to those things.  They ALWAYS cry through the whole thing; everyone knows that.

– The Home Run Derby last night was pretty lame.  The only one who was really ‘on’ was Matt Holliday.  Albert Pujols had some flashes of brilliance.  And Alex Rios had a good round.  But it was pretty poor.

– Speaking of Home Run Derbies.  The first of a planned three disc series of dvds containing the old ’50s/60’s TV series “Home Run Derby” was just released on the tenth.  I loved that show.  It was all that the modern Home Run Derby should be – low key fun that focuses on the players swinging the bats not the announcers talking about their random nonsense.  Ten bucks at DeepDiscount.com.  If anyone wants to buy that for me as a birthday gift, I wouldn’t mind.

– Still haven’t watched the final episode of Dr. Who series three.  Shows just how lame the season has been that I’m perfectly content to be busy right now and not watch it.  Although the season enders are usually pretty good.

– Some recent film viewing and uber-quick reviews.  “Knocked Up” = More dramady than “40 Year Old Virgin,” but Judd Apatow is still an excellent writer/director; A-.  “Tol’able David” = a surprisingly watchable silent film about a boy whose brother, father, and dog all die for no good reason, prompting him to eventually (‘morally’) get revenge; very weird moral standpoint; B.  “O Brother Where Art Thou” = strangely, I’d never seen this before; George Clooney does a great job; fun; “we’re in a tight spot”; A.

– The first straight to DVD release from The Film Crew (MST3K 2.0, pretty much) was a bit disappointing.  Nicely terrible film called “Hollywood After Dark,” in which unnecessary stripping scenes go on for an unnecessarily long time.  And some of the riffs were excellent.  But the lack of a silhouette is disheartening, and overall the riffing seemed a bit out of practice.  Good, but not great.

– One-on-one, high-speed badminton on a tennis court is really difficult.

Other things are going on, but I think I’ll stop here for now.

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