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1. Saw my first major league baseball game on Friday night.  The Braves crushed the Pirates.  Brian McCann hit two home runs (though I didn’t see the first one because we were ten minutes late) and Andruw Jones hit one.  Kind of a boring game actually, since it was a blowout, but a game is a game.

2. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” at least feels like a movie, unlike the last one which felt like all the important stuff was left on the cutting room floor.  It still didn’t do much for me – most Harry Potter films don’t – but if you’re a fan then you ought not be disappointed.  One criticism, though: I have always found it very troubling when films create characters who are villainous not only because they insufferably refuse to see the truth but also because they are actually, deep down, fascist people.  It seems to me that most of the time we are unwilling to separate, in our entertainment, characters who hold different / strongly opposing beliefs from characters who enjoy causing pain.  I find this a disturbingly ‘black vs white’ thing to include in a story that is aimed at children.  Even though the heart of the message is in the right place – i.e. that censorship only makes rebellion more likely.

3. For those who enjoy television and either don’t want a shelf full of dvds or aren’t able to purchase a series that they love due to unavailability (like “Strange Luck,” “Logan’s Run,” or “Blake’s 7”), I was just introduced to a great website today.  www.tv-links.co.uk.  It’s a site which collects links to full episodes of shows that stream online.  Including all episodes of Red Dwarf and Fawlty Towers.  Granted it’s largely just YouTube quality videos, but it’s nice to have a repository.  Just FYI.

4.  Research is consuming vast amounts of time right now.  Not much is changing in the Better Films Committee research other than minor tweaking to the knowledge.  I’m still waiting for another lightning bolt there.  Have also made some minor strides in the Edgerly research as well.  But nothing of enough importance or entertainment value to bother mentioning.

5.  One of the Edgerly books I purchased online recently – “Child Life” – included, as a bonus, an original Christmas card from 1897, at which time the Ralston Health Club apparently sent the book (to “Miss Emma F. Ginste”) free of charge.  A reproduction of the card is below.  I like ephemera.

Ralston Christmas Card - 1897

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