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Here we have a fabulous ad from the Chicago Tribune, 25 Oct. 1891, featuring Laloo Laloo – the “living boy and a half” who had “2 Bodies with 1 Head” and was, thankfully for Laloo (I guess), “alive.”

Ah, Kohl & Middleton’s…the great Chicago ‘curiosity’ museum…


Additionally, just as a little note, Jack Goldie – a blackface comedian – was apparently graced with the appallingly wonderful nickname “The Dark Spasm of Joy.”

Please start calling me that.  I’ll pay you money.

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Federer vs Nadal, each using the surface on which they are best.  This is a great image.  And, yes; it is real.

Split court

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In Jayson Stark’s typical column on weird stats so far in the baseball season (a column which devolved into essentially just a discussion of the Yankees record), he drops this line on us out of the blue:

  • “But since our Starbucks mugs are always half full around here…”

Bad joke?  Or unexpected form of product placement?

I can’t tell, but I’d certainly be interested in taking a glance through Starbucks’ advertising records for this week…

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Just wanted to draw everyone’s attention to this picture, because I honestly can’t recall ever having seen its like before.

Over on slate, in the middle of this stream of valueless yakuza pictures (I say valueless, because half of these pictures are just men in suits and could be anybody), I found the following photo:

Homeless and Yakuza

On the right is the Yakuza. What’s that on the left?

That is the first homeless Japanese person I believe I’ve ever seen.

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