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For those who may be wondering, the bulk of my quick posting has migrated to facebook, as that’s where most of my friends had gone. Lengthy posts will still happen here, but my brief updates will be more frequent at facebook.

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Is it just me, or is it a lot harder to imagine a world without Billy Mays than a world without Michael Jackson? It has effectively been a Michael-free world for quite a while now, while I was watching Billy Mays on TV less than four hours before I heard that he’d died…

Bye bye, Billy. For a capitalist pig-dog, you were one of the greats.

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If you are even considering buying Madworld, rent the tedious, infantile thing first.

I played it for exactly 38 minutes before I got bored. Less than 24 hours later I’m trying to sell it at no more than a $30 loss.

Unless the definition of ‘fun’ for you is “plotless murder in ‘god-mode’,” you won’t get anything out of it other than aesthetics…

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Please stop killing all the characters.

Thank you.

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A few things

1. I have a broken left hand. Let’s just say that part of my fall on the tennis court was extraordinarily graceful; the part that involved my left hand, less so.

2. “I Love You, Man” is a pretty solid bromance. It made me miss my male friends. So I’ll say hello to Keith, as he’s the only one that reads this.

3. As it’s all official now, I can reveal that Jennifer has a job at Young Harris as of next fall. It’s nice that one of us is finally out of the insufferable, underappreciated, slave labor that is grad school. (Speaking of: there’s a side character in “I Love You Man” who can never hang out because he’s always grading papers; he also doesn’t seem to have a family; that’s a nice joke for a very specific audience.)

4. There was something else, but I’ve now forgotten it…

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Have added photos for most of my Dorothy Phillips card and ephemera collection to the “Phillips/Holubar” page.

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For those not in the know, I’m far less excited about the final few David Tennant Doctor Who episodes, and the Torchwood ‘miniseries,’ than I am about this:


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